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Client Feedback: S.F. (Alcohol Addiction)

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"March 15, 2011

I'm so happy! It's going on a month now without alcohol and I've become more confident with each passing day. My heart wells up with gratitude when I think of how you helped me overcome my alcohol addiction. After 20 years of drinking every day and many failed attempts at trying to quit on my own, I can finally say I am now alcohol free! Life is so much more meaningful and pleasurable and I feel so healthy. I was very happy to find that hypnotherapy was nothing like I expected. In fact, it was a great experience. I am a person who finds it hard to relax but you were able to put me in a very relaxed state with ease and from that pint made positive suggestions to my subconscious mind. All the while I remained very aware of the entire session. Quite simple yet very powerful! I'm so incredibly grateful that I found you at the right time in my life. Thank you also for teaching me the self-hypnosis technique and for the hypnotherapy CD both of which have been very helpful. Thanks again for helping me get my life back.