[Michael Schuman, Board Certified Hypnotist in Houston Texas]
Client Feedback

Hypnosis Houston Pain Management Fear of Flying Anxiety Weight Loss

Daniel* (IBS) P.A. (seizing jaw)
C.S. (smoking cessation) C.M. (smoking cessation)
K.B. (pain reduction) Karen (reference)
L.T. (weight reduction) J.C. (flying anxiety)
B.H. (pain reduction) C.H. (weight reduction)
R.H. (weight reduction) K.C. (food obsession)
D.G. (weight reduction) S.P. (food fear)
B.J. (fear of public speaking) S.F. (alcohol addiction)
S.A.S (self confidence) S.J. (alcohol addiction)
V.K.H. (pain reduction) N. D. (virtual gastric band)
L.L. (IBS)  


Weight Loss Testimonials

Mike S. Bea M.
Pat R. Joe M.

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