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Mike S. Bea M.
Pat R. Joe M.
"It became obvious in my hypnosis training classes that I needed to lose lots of weight. As you can see from my before picture, I had put on weight to buffer myself from the effects of grief and the end of a marriage.

Using Cellular Releasing™ and Cell Command®, I was able to release subconscious causes without reliving the emotions and memories. However, the grief did not stop and I found that I relied on subconscious support to get me through the deaths of two of my younger sisters and the end of yet another close relationship.

Staying motivated under such phenomenal loss would have only happened with subconscious assistance. I found that joining a support group of people working on their weight assisted the process.

I incorporated exercise along with drinking oxygenated water. Today, I have lost 80 pounds and plan to continue my journey to regaining my body back to its ideal health, shape, and weight."

--Pat R.

Pat R. "Before" Weight Loss Hypnosis Houston
Pat R. "After" Weight Loss Hypnosis Houston