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Weight Loss Testimonials

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Mike S. Bea M.
Pat R. Joe M.
"During my hypnosis classes, I released pain that I had had for years. Also, during that time, I started concentrating on my health and weight.

I joined a group of people who were using Cellular Releasing™ and Cell Command® hypnosis to release subconscious causes for weight and to reprogram with motivation, self love, and handling stress in a better manner.

Over the year, I found that, even on a cruise where food is the focus, I stayed motivated. I also incorporated oxywater into the equation and you can see from my pictures that I am in good shape with good tone to my body. The major benefit of all of this is: I feel good."

--Joe M.

Joe M. "Before" Weight Loss Hypnosis Houston
Joe M. "After" Weight Loss Hypnosis Houston