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Mike S. Bea M.
Pat R. Joe M.
"I have lost 71 lbs. and 66 inches by focusing more on myself. Several things played a pivotal part in my losing weight and inches.

I released subconscious causes for the weight beginning in a Forensic Hypnosis training class. Before that class, I was unable to sleep in a lying position for several years. Due to the weight, and the mental blocks from an earlier time in my life, which found me the victim of a violent crime, when I would like flat I could not breathe and suffered from extreme back pain.

Any sleep I got was in an inclined position in a recliner or sitting up on a couch. Hotel rooms were a nightmare because there was no place for me to sleep unless there was a recliner or sofa in the room. This caused me to sleep very poorly for years. This sleep deprivation had my body and mind in a weakened state.

After releasing the effects of a post-traumatic experience and beginning to lose the weight, my health improved to a place where my sleep returned to normal. I can lie flat on my bed and even sleep on my stomach.

From that releasing, I continued to incorporate Cellular Releasing™ and Cell Command® hypnosis sessions in a group setting with others as a means of losing weight with the support of others. I also started drinking oxygenated water; using a chi machine for exercise, and eating healthier. I have also begun to walk for exercise.

The oxygenated water stopped a long process of GERD that I had had for a long time and the hypnosis with the proper eating / and exercise helped me drop the 71 lbs. and 66 inches. I feel wonderful and I plan to continue regaining my health, losing weight, and helping my body return to its very best."

--Bea M.

Bea M. "Before" Weight Loss Hypnosis Houston
Bea M. "After" Weight Loss Hypnosis Houston