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"October 18, 2012

First, let me get a few things straight! I am a retired R.N., the mother of an experienced, successful, Certified Hypnotist. I never really believed I could be hypnotized. Secondly, I have, through the years, had about seventeen surgeries with tests and exams from uncomfortable to painful.

When I developed double vision, and it became permanent for two years, I saw a nerve-muscle neurologist who ordered a “Single Fiber EMG”, a one and only definitive diagnosis for Myasthenia Gravis Ocular.

I was warned the test was painful and would last an hour. Painful? NO! Excruciating, tortuous, horrible! A needle is inserted above the eyebrow. No anesthesia can be used. The muscle and nerve of a single fiber meet and “talk”. If the “chatter” stops the needle must be manipulated to reach it again. Ouch! Your eyes must be open looking at the ceiling. Closing your eyes - the muscle stops “chattering.” I only was able to take this a few minutes. I could not stand the pain.

My daughter was in the waiting room and immediately decided to have me see Michael Schuman, a fellow hypnotist, after we consulted with the neurologist giving the test. Mr. Schuman put aside other work and spent at least a half hour hypnotizing me. I still couldn’t believe I was hypnotized!

We made another appointment the next week for the test. It was agreed the hypnotist (Michael) would accompany me through it. Before going into the exam room, Michael spent time hypnotizing me. I honestly admit I was still afraid I would react poorly to the exam.

May I tell you, completely awed as I am, it was like a “flu shot”. It took less than an hour with a completely calm, cooperative patient. Michael chatted, even told a few stories and the doctor and I finished both amazed and delighted at our success and I walked out an elated, comfortable woman.

My thanks to Michael for his skill, kindness and patience. I truly know and believe hypnosis is a wonderful tool.

Thanks, Michael



Follow-up note from her daughter:

"October 20, 2012

Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for helping my mother through the painful medical tests. Your fantastic skills allowed her to breeze right through the EMG and feel victorious.

It is very hard, as a daughter, to watch your Mother in pain and know you can’t make it better. You gave me the gift of making it all OK!

Thank you , thank you!

Love & hugs,